Justice_ Justice and The Third Eye

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Justice- The New York Academy of Art 2022 Residency was the theme of T Equity and Justice My painting used in Justice and the Third Eye was created before I knew about the NYAAA Voice.com and is one of the main reasons why I embraced this opportunity. This NFT is a reinterpretation of my triangular painting. The size change and duplication of my painting is meant to illuminate all three factors in any legal imbrolgio, the all presiding Judge that oversees the two opposing parties in any legal dispute. The use of the word " Third Eye" in the title is the literal meaning in that there are indeed three eyes in this NFT. It is also to invoke awareness of the all pervasive "Third Eye" that is beyond humanity's limited view of the universal laws . I have depicted the Dutch philosopher Barach Spinoza and the German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Hegel who dedicated their writings and lives to the advancement of modern day western civilization.

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