Justice-- Legal Lessons of H8 (Hate) and W8 (Wait) Hex -A-Gone !

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Legal Lessons of H8 (Hate) and W8 (Wait) Hex -A-Gone embodies a mirror reflection concept, infusing the old sepia tones intermixed with full color imagery. This integration of the old sepia with the full color palette is to bring attention to the dated societal laws, statutes and traditional course of legislation juxtaposed by the contemporary societal issues that the legal system has yet to integrate into legislation. The clock is depicted as a means to convey-- it is time for updated laws. Accessibility of guns should be monitored and enforced as it is causing sudden life and death occurrences throughout society amongst innocent people. Additionally there is the subject of laws and the lack of laws regarding the internet, hacking and the invasion of one's privacy via the computer without any victim's awareness. Additionally, it is worth noting that the global pandemic was the means to adjust the court system to accept online filings as a rule.

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