Cargo (from the series The Fish Dies By Its Mouth / El pez muere por la boca)

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About the piece

The cocaine shipment piled up on the seashore waiting to be picked up by a speedboat. 2021. El pez muere por la boca reflects on the resilience of peoples in contexts of drug trafficking and fishing. The beach line connects the sea (or river) with the continent (or mainland) where amphibious communities inhabit with long traditions of music, dance, hairstyles, games and celebration. Also of agriculture, gastronomy, tourism, whale watching and nature. This peace is permeated by paramilitary presence, violence and drug trafficking. It's a participatory and intervention project in which the community is an active part in the creation of the images. The contrasts between traditions and armed pressure (paramilitary and narcos) are expressed in different actions, landscapes, bodies and objects. Everyday life intermingles with the construction of the scenes.

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