à luz #3


About the piece

Digitised lumen print with carnations and menstrual blood. Buried 2 August 2022. Unburied 29 August 2022. This image is part of the on-going project titled the motherhood that wasn’t. The images in this NFT series have been developed exclusively for the Voice x Photo Vogue NFT Residency. With the making of this project, I seek to understand my lived experiences of infertility caused by endometriosis. The project aims to seek strategies in communicating these experiences within the public consciousness. the motherhood that wasn’t also acts as a catharsis, in which I mourn the loss of my fertility. I also mourn the loss of the choice I was unable to make rationally, the choice my own body took from me. NFT exclusive edition of 1. This image is also part of a printed edition of 3 + 1 artist proof.

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