Perseus with the head of Medusa - Italy 2022

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The five stages of grief project – denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance – If you derive your sense of identity from being a victim. Let's say, bad things were done to you when you were a child. And you develop a sense of self that is based on the bad things that happened to you. (Kendrick Lamar) We try to get over the white opportunity gap, we try to be a difference, learn what is the racial inequality, deal with it and teaching it to the oppressors. We have been evangelized, we learn an Eurocentric history whitewashed, our lives are judged with a double standard in a white space. We are surrounded by monuments that celebrate white supremacy and traditions tells how our culture was erased. Bringing in Europe knowledge and collected animals in it, are a colonial practices and reminiscence that still here.

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