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About the piece

Molelo Wa Badimo, a three-part character portrait series (Complexion, Pigment and Hue), documents and shares the perspectives of people living with vitiligo, a skin condition that causes depigmentation on sections of the skin. Reatile creates a greater awareness about the skin condition; clarifying its misconception by focusing on beauty, identity, self-acceptance and dispelling societal myths about vitiligo. Reatile seeks to inspire a renewed dialogue on beauty. The project delves into the perceptions implied on those living with vitiligo, commenting on its social positioning in culture, spirituality and photography. Pigment was photographed on location using only ambient natural light. Pigment illustrates individuals living with vitiligo against the backdrop of wildlife, an element or symbol of the condition having a spiritual and cultural meaning – a connection with the ancestors and being gifted.

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