People and the land

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The Immorality Act, 23 of 1957, and The Prohibition of mixed marriages Act 55 of 1949. These Acts were legislated to prevent the intermixing of different races, this being inspired by the fact that in the early years of the Cape colony, settlers from the Netherlands were mostly men. As a result, sexual connections were inevitably formed with other races. Via the settler’s governing council, a proclamation was issued that forbids the taking of women of color as concubines. Despite the legislation in 1685, later The Immorality act and Prohibition of mixed marriages act, the number of mixed couples would continue to grow beyond the apartheid era. 27 years post 1994; this very sentiment of separate communities is still rife in mainly white South African communities although not openly shared. It can be experienced by subtle gestures of disapproval specifically experienced by the mixed couple. Regardless of these sentiments the couples individually work on their racial biases for belonging.

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