Digital woman sculpture 6


About the piece

For my Voice x PhotoVogue residency I wanted to deviate from my regular photography practice to pay homage to the crypto/NFT space. I created digital sculptures. They are part women, part imaginary creatures, part bodies, part houses, part sculptures. They are fragmented landscapes of womanhood. They take root in my ongoing exploration of feminine space and the concept of how the body can channel social and personal histories. I was inspired by Hannah Höch, a German collage and photomontage artist, and one of the few female members of Dada. And Louise Bourgeois, a French artist working in sculpture, installation and visual arts, who I draw on mainly for her series “Woman House”. Both women explored and challenged the constructed nature of women’s role in a society. All the images used are my original artworks from 2016-2022. Most shot on 120 film. Some are part of fashion editorial work I did for Vogue Italia, others are a part of my books and exhibitions, some are personal work.

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