The Whacky Race Through Space.


About the piece

It's been a whirl wind ride travelling by the side of many the smartest of artist. I was whisked off my feet by the constant beat and treat from some of the most unique. I went from normal with my scrawl to giving my all and trying to peak turned into a freak. Eventually everything broke and I just felt weak. I couldn't sleep and felt depressed so along come to try add some fun my drum. I've done for the floor as much as I can score whilst my fingers are red raw. I work with my hands all day and then to type to make more sway the right way. The whacky race's is across a board that many when explored toppled off some may scoff but without community you won't discover more of what you can be. Some this is their destiny, they feel it in the flow they'll grow to oneday put on a show to glow. Many I do hope so.

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