Saint Gregorio + Pablos Escobar (from the series The Fish Dies By Its Mouth / El pez muere por la boca)

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About the piece

The saint San Gregoria, patron saint of the seas, and printed dummies of Pablo Escobar, called by many "patron saint of the poor" and "terror of the Establishment", wait on a log-coral on the shore of Isla Palma. The inhabitants of Rincón del Mar remember that more than twenty years ago the regime of life imposed on them by the paramilitaries was so fearful and cruel that on a whim of Rodrigo Mercado, alias "Cadena", an elementary school was knocked down so that it would no longer block the view of the sea from his house, located in the center of that place". Pablo Escobar, for his part, ordered the construction of hotels in Isla Palma and Bahía Solano to stay during his visits, as a summer resort. 2021. El pez muere por la boca reflects on the resilience of peoples in contexts of drug trafficking and fishing. It's a participatory and intervention project in which the community is an active part in the creation of the images.

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