The Kiss Collection V

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About the piece

What makes queer love so intensely special is that every kiss, every touch and every thought originates out of a place outside of and in complete defiance of any social constructs and beyond all barriers, unashamed, unhidden and unafraid. Whether we share closeness with our friends, partners, strangers, let‘s allow ourselves vulnerability in the presence of others. Loving others is loving oneself. We don‘t need to bend to any outside expectations when we learn to fill our own longing for love. We are our own best lovers and we heal the world through true intimacy with ourselves.The capture of a kiss becomes a bridge for the lack of visual representation of queer intimacy and love. The portrayal of love in any form, shape, color, sexual identity and relationship status is imperative to a world where anyone and everyone can find self-recognition. Talent is @pompomsquad and @shelbodrumbo This image was published in Ladygunn Magazine has been published as Best of Photo Vogue.

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