Lucia CRAZY LEGS Flamingo 'The Iguana Gang' Collectible Cast Poster #6

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About the piece

Lucia Flamingo, the female in the art piece, is constantly being replaced by newer and younger models. She tries to keep her iconic status alive by buying new luxury items, but she is no longer relevant in the digital art space. Eventually, she will be replaced by someone else. She is tired of being with a man who doesn't appreciate her for who she is. Everything has always been about his work, work, work. She wants to find a man who will show her love and affection, and who will want to be with her every day. Lucia Flamingo, painted by a world-famous artist, hangs in a gallery in the heart of the city where she'd been "working" for years until she was replaced by someone more relevant. Lucia is a work of art that embodies the Art Deco movement. Once hailed as the 'new face' of digital art, Lucia was, although not forgotten, vastly overshadowed by the rise of a younger, more up-and-coming bevy of beauties. x5

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