Tony THE BOSS Maciano 'The Iguana Gang' Collectible Poster #8 + AUDIO DOWNLOAD

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About the piece

The organizer of the heist, 'The Boss' hatches the plans for the caper and keeps the goons in line. He's also an excellent safe cracker. The Boss is a thief. He steals artwork and sells them to the highest bidder on a digital asset exchange, an online marketplace for buying and selling digital art collectibles. The Boss is the one and only digital art collectible .NFT that is a limited edition of 4 total pieces. We are selling to the crypto-collectible market. This is an opportunity to purchase a digital art collectible .NFT that may appreciate in value over time. The Boss is a stylish, luxury collectible that you can collect and trade on the blockchain. But don't let his looks fool you, he's also a ruthless crime boss. Includes audio download of the show! x4

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