The child of the War 30x45cm, 300 DPI, Printable Digital Art #red abstract limited edition

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About the piece

12x18 inch, 300 DPI, Digital Art --- Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them. James Baldwin --- youngster,young one,little one,boy,girl,baby,newborn,infant,toddler,schoolboy,schoolgirl,adolescent,teenager,youth,young man,young woman,young lady,young person,young adult,juvenile,minor,junior,stripling,fledgling,whippersnapper,son,daughter,son and heir,scion,descendant,offspring,progeny,issue,neonate,bairn,wean,laddie,lassie,pickney,kid,kiddie,kiddiewink,nipper,tot,tiny,tiny tot,shaver,young 'un,lad,lass,teen,teenybopper,sprog,rug rat,ankle-biter,babe,babe in arms,hobbledehoy

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