The Mud Queen


$500.00 USD

About the piece

The Mud Queen is a deity of the earth. She wields a sickle to keep away those that trespass. This is the 3rd NFT of the collection Archetypes of Freedom. The Archetypes of Freedom is an expedition towards a world in which the protagonists can exist in their magical and macabre selves. The photo essay seeks to construct and embody themes of daily ritualistic existence. It is an effort to look at the political through the personal. Archetypes of Freedom is a collection of 4 NFTS: The Golden Goose, Wood Witch, Mud Queen and Insideer. Each offers the collector special rates to my artistic services as well as a photo print of the NFT. A part of the proceeds goes to all artists involved in their creation. The Mud Queen offers the collector 30% off on my creative services as well as a print of the NFT. (Shipping in India is free, international couriers will be chargeable)

  • Creator share 10%
  • File type image/gif
  • File size 30.65 MB
  • Category Digital photography
  • Blockchain Polygon