Supervivencia N°6

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About the piece

Supervivencia It’s a series of 8 color photographs, made in analog format, with 35 mm cameras. And One Digital Collages.Taken between 2012-2017.The images were made in different parts of the world. They are images that I took from my archive, from my years as a photographer. All photographs are analog, digitized. I am grateful to have been part of this Residence and to have entered the world of NFT I'm a portraitist, but I didn't want to work on this series about faces. Then select portraits from behind. In these portraits from behind, I work on the gesture of the body, in the context in which they are found, in the details that we can observe around them. And I want to talk about that context that surrounds us speaks a lot about us. And it limits us and shapes us.

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