Through the looking glass, many a path for a laugh.


About the piece

Our world view maybe crazy or just plain bonkers but since being mad about conkers, and seeking planting tree seeds and more within my reads. We all choose what we want to see and hear and often it's with an element of fear that to much for some will never seem clear. Here I work night and day to correct which emotions often came to play. To along my track manage to stack an emotional journey of how I went crazy but maybe carried on to once again reform all my faculties & begin mastering some new abilities. I often didn't make sense when I attempted things that at first just made me more tense. Now seeking each week getting much more sleep in and work on each page as I feel I have conquered another stage. This will be something to age along with the collection of hand spun one of one from the Rhymes of the Times. We aim to continue to train our brain to in a grind find the next best bind. The world can be blind but so many indeed will be kind and through NFT plenty have been to me

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