Entering into the Cold with a warm heart, you can brace any storm to form.


About the piece

Many problems can arise but those that catch you by surprise make sure it's not led by misconceptions or total lies. Many tries to have an end to many a blend, yet with help and support from many a friend I see no end. So many kind hearts have helped me achieve my dreams and keep up with the arts I try supply. The start began with just something I sang to me. Stronger the longer. A year to make sure much more was clear and I wouldn't give in to fear. I've not been tame in the game, and many know the flow and how I go toe to toe with you know later will all become greater. History staking goes into all of the making and the smartest of artists have been taking which is how I layer the cake is bake. Mystery key is how this didn't send me completely crazy....

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