Even World's can be sucked in. Where does each story begin.


About the piece

Life has many chapters and sub plots each of which builds up every stitch of your being. Many have to be believing for you to be succeeding in a any dream that you intend to begin. Time is a friend but you need real ones to get around all of the bends to see it never ends. I blends in ways just to have my says and plays. Working to find the right balance of talents and not grind like I'm blind to the world at my hand, now I can stand properly and run well I know what I spell out on the rout as been good vibes to make it until I strides on and once again feel real and strong. My emtional road map is a one way track to how to pull yourself back, from a pit of despair I'm no longer there, even with more strife with such much I love in my life. I feel it's me and that is finally what I wanted to see. I have to thank everybody but I also have a mystery key hidden in the forbidden...

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