In the Shadows what lurks for many to not see the light and be able to really be alright.


About the piece

Doubt and fear must first dissappear for someone to truly be able to think clear. Never let anything own you outright, be debt free to everybody. Leave everything better than it was found the first time you was to have seen it on your round. Be profound in your way of thinking and always have new ideas to be linking in ways it plays to further it on to grow much more strong. Each letter I write is of a different sort of insight some shed some real light in what sometimes people see is a fight. It can take a long time for it to all eventually turn out alright but it's always better when you no longer need worry about having to fight. Finding and binding doing the most kind thing, always be listening and speaking openly and make deep meaningful connections. Have good intentions and be as creative as you want to be with any of your inventions. Just don't become a crack pot or totally lose the whole plot. If you hit the rewind of the Rhymes of the Times I bind you will find....

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