About the piece

A holy space to me is one where I can truly feel safe, which inspired the name of this piece to be the Arabic word امان “Amaan” - That feeling is translated into a spatial experience, frozen in time. Here, I’m in my own space, sheltered, ideating, with the horizon in sight reminding me of the infinite possibilities waiting once I’m ready. This piece is part of a collection which abstracts an internal journey of ideating and looking within for inspiration, the explorations of those ideas, and reaching my destination. It pulls from the idea of holiness that the overarching Milk & Honey theme inspires, and my recent travels to some of Gaudí’s marvels; who described the straight line as belonging to men, and the curved one to the divine. I visualize that journey of art-making into a series of colors, textures and shapes. This manifests itself into soft hues of pinks and whites, natural textures like stone, sand and water, and curvilinear, organic forms.

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