Abundance Alchemy


About the piece

In a society that markets lack and scarcity to us, feeding off our fear and educating our children to climb up some pointless ladder to build someone else’s dream, ‘Abundance Alchemy’ is a mental quest to reclaim your freedom while creating an intentional and abundant life. Where everything is in the realm of possibility. Where there is no edge to the imagination. A state of mind capable of manifesting endlessly and becoming a vessel for transformation and alchemy. Savouring existence and focusing on the *whys* as opposed to the *hows* of life. To walk this earth with an intent to design your most abundant life with clarity and aligned action. A reminder to stop, FEEL, reflect, trash all limiting beliefs and find your unique genius. Let go of frustration and scarcity-thinking and step into your most abundant life. A graphite, Indian ink & gold leaf painting animated.

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