About the piece

‘WHERE I MET GOD’ is a surrealistic exploration of sacredness in solitude. In the sweetness of my solitude, when my mind quiets itself, the soft gentle whispers of the divine can find me. Often feeling like I dance between two worlds, both in waking life and the astral realms, most of my art begins with a subtle download either in my dreams or while I'm in a flow state. I make the space to be a vessel and allow the energy to move through me to translate best I can into something beautiful . Allowing myself to surrender to the divine reminds me that the world we would most be proud to exist within has to be activated within us first, and shared outwardly. This divine energy runs through all of us, it can be accessed any time when we attune to its frequency. Photography and Animation, 2020-2022 The Milk & Honey Collection

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