About the piece

Lucie Davis releases her first ever NFT collection "Bit Coin". A series of unique collectables. Only 10 of these individual bitten digital euro coins will be available and in circulation. Each 1/1 NFT animation is a spinning euro coin from 10 different European countries all missing a “bite”. Collectors of each NFT will receive a matching physical ‘Bit coin’ – hand-carved, signed, numbered and sealed in a floating frame by Lucie herself. The price for each NFT is calculated at one tenth of a Bitcoin in real-time, the moment that specific NFT was minted. Here Lucie further plays with and merges the worlds of crypto and fiat, inflation and deflation, the machine-made with the hand-made, the digital and the physical. Having already sold 40/50 of her previous physical ‘Bit coin’ works ( this is the final ever 10 in this collection – never to be made again. So cop this last unique physical and digital drop while you can! Time is money...

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