2030: It's not the waking it's the rising

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About the piece

Inspired by a song by Hozier, “Nina cried power”, this piece cries confrontation at a time of chaos; which we have been denied the rights to look into as a people. The detonated bomb that we have been forced to treat as trivial… This NFT consists of two parts which both show two ideologies: - the confrontation of the chaotic system as the jokes wear off. Here, the Pepe face represents us and how we are left to face the reality that has chased us for years. - the young boy in the big armor expresses our resilience and adaptiveness even at a young age. It also speaks to the young that they may be the ones to fight on our behalf, involuntarily. Both ideologies have supporting themes which require observance and knowledge on the main subject. While this piece is equally left to viewers interpretation, let it be understood that this piece is from a place of absolute unrest and uncertainty. Both images refer to uncertain times of peril.

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