B̸̪̪̓͛̕e̵͎͎͕̿͐̔a̸̺̞͚͑̒͝s̴͇͇̪͊̈́̽t̴͖͍̓͐͝ C̸̞̦̽̓a̵̺̻̞͌͋s̴̼̟͐͠t̵̡̼͓͊̓̈́ĺ̸̢͇̫̐͝e̵͉͒̓̔͜


About the piece

My recent works are inspired by fetishes, porn, memes, queer and alternative communities. I was born in Russia, where there was no sex education when I was a teenager. Also as you know it's really homophobic place, where people want you to be normal, basic like everyone. And I was so closed, scared to be who I want to be, scared to represent myself. I'm impressed by a lot of brave people with different identities who are not scared and proud. I think that everyone should have an opportunity to be themselves, to choose themselves, to change themselves. And I think everyone should have a right to decide what they want to look at and get any information they want. I'm talking about censorship. Censorship is manipulative. It decides for you. For example, Instagram wants to let me stop with my representation as well, so here is the COLLECTION OF MY B@NNED ART <3 // 15% of the proceeds will go to the Witness Change Foundation to support LGBTQIA+ people in areas, where love is illegal

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