Complimentary/ Fig 4: Walking talking synonym of serenity/ POV: A 'foreign' specimen in foreign lands

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About the piece

Works with the icon of chai, a popular Indian drink, inside and outside India. The reality that most people of colour are expected to be prim, proper, and 'civilised,' without the emotions of rage, hurt, and other undesirable yet healthy emotions, in order to avoid fueling the stereotype of a 'savage' or 'heathen,' a prevalent attribute employed from the dawn of time. You're good to go if you can fit into a box. This series works with the critical and satirical extension of anthropological portraits taken by colonisers to document the culture of the lands they were colonising. It contributed to the stereotyping, fetishistic collection, limitation, and definition of bodies. The idea of the ‘other’ persists across lands even now, with the reduction of people and ‘foreign’ cultures to objects and stereotypes. While the colonisers have always documented the colonised in their native land, what happens when the colonised come to the colonisers’ land. 

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