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About the piece

Project description “NYC skater girls” Documenting female skateboarding community in New York City. 2021 - ongoing I started skateboarding when I was a teenager in Moscow in the early 2000's. The lifestyle of abdication was my salvation, from myself, mostly. In a city of 9 million, there were 20 skater girls at most. It was as underground as it gets. I loved the glory without the glamour, the bruises, the manic commitment, the undercurrent. I never really stopped. Now living in NYC, in our era of diversity and decentralization, the rise of popularity of skateboarding among girls is palpable, especially recently. I felt compelled to document this glorious female movement of expression, of courage, of entertainment without consumption, of a nonconformist community supporting individualism, of girls being bad, being girls. This image was shot on 35mm film using Contact T2 camera at “Fat Kid” skatepark in Brooklyn, NYC in 2021.

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