'Dirty Mona' #4

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About the piece

Alex Exum's luxurious canvas series, "Dirty Mona", sashays into the modern art scene with a sense of mystery and allure that is undeniably captivating. Unabashedly flirtatious and exquisitely decadent, this series offers a tantalizing twist on a familiar face — the enchanting Mona Lisa. Each canvas is a sumptuous feast for the eyes. At first glance, Exum's creation is reminiscent of da Vinci's original masterpiece; that inscrutable smile, those penetrating eyes. However, a closer look reveals a seductive subversion that is quintessentially Exum. Playing with the chiaroscuro technique, Exum brings out Mona's features in a bold and alluring way, revealing an untamed spirit beneath the softness of her traditional portraiture. Also available, 'Dirty Mona' #4 Canvas Portrait (24x36) available now at https://www.alexexum.com/shop

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