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Travel content that upacks intersecting identities and unique itineraries. This is a look into travel through a diverse and inclusive lens from storytellers whose stories often go untold.


Annette Richmond is an award-winning content creator, writer, advocate, and public speaker. A globe trotter and goal digger, Richmond is the creator of the body positive travel community Fat Girls Traveling, the Editor-in-Chief of Fat Girls Guide, and the host of the annual fat positive Fat Camp.

A native Californian, Richmond got her start in the fashion industry and has used that experience to create a platform that is inspirational and aspirational for people living life in marginalized bodies. As a Digital Nomad she was constantly on the move until she decided to get grounded in Mexico. After three years and over twenty countries, Annette hopes to continue to inspire people of all sizes and abilities to see the world and be seen.

Her work has been seen on the small screen internationally. She's also been featured in Conde Nast Traveler, Teen Vogue. NBC, Forbes. O Magazine, and more.

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